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Being a mum is one of the hardest jobs you can do, and us mums need all the support we can get to stay whole and keep a sense of self in amongst the craziness of family life.

Mums That Can provides useful information relevant for women in their local and surrounding areas.

We aim to help you answer all those questions floating around in your head: where is the children's centre? What groups can I visit with my child today? How am I going to fill up my day without the CBeebies repeats? Am I ever going to have a life again?

For mums looking for something to do with their little (and not so little) ones, we have information on local baby groups, mums and tots toddler groups, and activities for older children.

We provide a cost effective web presence for relevant local and national businesses and services (whether they are run by mums or not), and support local women with children setting up or growing their own businesses and finding family-friendly employment.

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It takes a village to raise a child

- African Proverb

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Summer Beach Smiling Face Sun

What summer means to me

As we are at the final last legs of winter I cannot stress how excited I am for this summer… this winter has seemed to be the worst by far- what with the “beast from the east” and other bizarre weather! 

There’s no better feeling as a mum knowing that as the seasons change through spring to summer, I don’t have to be sticking layers upon my kids backs for warmth- instead it’s suncream and sun hats! There is nothing better than opening up a bottle of suncream for the first time and smelling it… it immediately make me think of warmth and more relaxed days.

I love looking ahead at the long days of summer, watching the evenings getting lighter and warmer and planning days out- looking online to see what fun things we can do. There is something about the whole thing which makes me feel the world is somehow a better, easier place- particularly when you have children. Already, all those days trapped inside whilst the dank, dark weather battered at the windows seem a lifetime ago and life seems full of so many more possibilities.

A day at the beach is one of my favourites, whilst my eldest daughter Molly (who is almost 9) loves nature and the great the outdoors- we love going for long dog walks, picnics in the park, visiting nature reserves and generally being outside in the warm sunshine- and who can resist that fantastically summery and tasty smell of a home bbq!

I also have an 8 month old little girl, Ava, and I can’t wait to see the little smile on her face when she first touches sand and sea water as she already loves swimming… and equally exciting is the prospect of seeing her get her face full of her first ever summer ice cream.

I enjoy all the seasons but the summer time is such special time for my family to bond… We usually go on a little haven holiday with the dog and we love it! Rare quality time together whilst my hubby has some time off work is so precious and special- particularly as usually he’s on and off away mostly with his work. 

I love summer time gardening and I am hoping, with help of my eldest- who loves it just as much, we will continue to make our summertime garden truly part of our home and have a great bonding experience in the process! 

It feels like we’ve been waiting for summer for too long- and the joy, the calm, the energy it brings to all of us… so happy summer everyone… let’s hope it’s a sunny one 🙂 xxx 


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