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Being a mum is one of the hardest jobs you can do, and us mums need all the support we can get to stay whole and keep a sense of self in amongst the craziness of family life.

Mums That Can provides useful information relevant for women in their local and surrounding areas.

We aim to help you answer all those questions floating around in your head: where is the children's centre? What groups can I visit with my child today? How am I going to fill up my day without the CBeebies repeats? Am I ever going to have a life again?

For mums looking for something to do with their little (and not so little) ones, we have information on local baby groups, mums and tots toddler groups, and activities for older children.

We provide a cost effective web presence for relevant local and national businesses and services (whether they are run by mums or not), and support local women with children setting up or growing their own businesses and finding family-friendly employment.

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Saffron Walden

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Bishops Stortford



Busy. Busy Mother Working From Home With Daughter

It takes a village to raise a child

- African Proverb

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Mums That Can… Fundraise

Mums That Can… Fundraise

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The ‘unmumsy’ Mum

The ‘unmumsy’ Mum

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Just Be Yourself- The Real Face Of Parenting

Just Be Yourself- the real face of parenting

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Let’s All Have Brunch!

Feeling trapped inside? Need an adult to talk to? Fed up of not having a social life?

Join us for brunch!

We are all in the same boat…. we meet other ladies who also need adult conversation and enjoy having a laugh.

Once a week a group of lovely ladies meet for brunch at various locations in Saffron Walden. We enjoy coffee, fry ups and lots of laughs. We also bring our children with us and support each other to entertain them through the morning.

Each and every one of us are individuals and each new person is welcomed and immediately made one of the brunch family.

We are always looking for new mummies to join us each week, it can be a little daunting to join a group of ladies who you do not know, but each and everyone of us has done it at the start and have been going to brunch ever since!

I adore Saffron Walden Mums that Brunch. Wish I had found it sooner. I moved in May, when I was nearly 6 months pregnant. No friends or family around me, so when my little boy was born I had no one. I found the group when my son was around 4 months old and couldn’t be happier. I braved it and now I have strong friendships outside of brunch. If it wasn’t for this group I probably would’ve hit rock bottom and begged my partner to move back to Lincolnshire. Now I never want to leave. It’s an amazing group for mums and for the children to socialise.Jessica Arnold

“Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and with not being from saffron walden it’s been good to meet people from the area xx.”  Helen Blackwell

I think its the best group I have met!!!! All the ladies are lovely and very welcoming. I didn’t really know anyone in Saffron Walden and I found it hard to meet new people. This group opened my eyes too a whole world of new friends. Thank you Lisa too advertising it an accepting me into a lovely circle of friends.” Gemma Smith

“I have lived in the area my whole life, but really struggled to find ‘mummy friends’ as I am not particularly outgoing (and frankly rather weird!) but the Brunch group have been incredibly welcoming – it is fantastic to do something for me rather than awkwardly trying to make conversation at a playgroup or, as has more often been my experience, sitting in a church hall being ignored by all the other adults for 90mins.” Rachel Gibson

“I struggled being away from friends as only just moved to the area in September 2016. I thought it would be hard to make friends but I was so wrong! Love love love this idea of women going to brunch and I can’t thank Saffron Walden Mums That Brunch enough for allowing me into the circle.  Cheers to new beginnings and a start of some hopefully long life friendships xx” Sarah Fitzwilliams